Add Artwork To Animal Crossing

Here’s how to get artwork into Animal Crossing New Horizons:

  1. Download the Nintendo Switch Online app for your mobile device
  2. Link your Nintendo account
  3. From the “Game-Specific Services” section, select Animal Crossing New Horizons
  4. Select “Designs”
  5. Scan QR Code
Emily Mclamb – Queerly Genius
Kayla Littlefield – Isolation 1
Kayla Littlefield – Cowboy Bullshit or Lonesome Town
Flora Goode (aka Maddie Moser) – Keep Hoein
Flora Goode (aka Maddie Moser) – Connect-her
Flora Goode (aka Maddie Moser) – Codependency
Edward Warren Harris – The Calm One
Edward Warren Harris – The Last One
Edward Warren Harris – The Strong One
Justice Graham – War Games
Michael Martinez – Gay Space Marine
Heather Birdsong – Which Foot Itches
Heather Birdsong – Down in the Valley
Heather Birdsong – Spells and Conjurations
Deliasofia Zacarias – Between the Margins: untitled 01
Deliasofia Zacarias – Between the Margins: untitled 02
Celeste Lindsey – The Boy Who Cried
Celeste Lindsey – Moses
Celeste Lindsey – Divine Intervention
Kate Wood – Self Portrait
Henri Matisse – View of Collioure
Frida Kahlo – My Grandparents, My Parents, and I (Family Tree)
Cindy Sherman – Untitled Film Still #10
Jenny Holzer – Living: Some days you wake up and immediately…
Eva Hesse – Repetition Nineteen III
Lynda Benglis – Blatt
Pieter Claesz – Still Life With a Skull and a Writing Quill
Ana Mendieta – Silueta Muerta
Yayoi Kusama – Infinity Nets
Michael Verdi – Scrambled video still