Big Moon

Back in May 2020 while resisting Animal Crossing’s suggestions that I should decorate my house with the furniture that you could buy or craft in the game, it occurred to me that I could, instead, turn it into an art gallery. So I did just that and then invited a bunch of friends over and live-streamed it. I felt that the parts that were the most successful were the pieces that were still recognizable (so by definition, familiar to the viewer) at the 32×32 pixel size allowed in the game. A few months later I began again, looking for artwork that would translate well or might be made entirely of items available in game. And that’s what you have here. There are large, island-spanning recreations of works by Christo and Jeanne-Claude along with two houses turned galleries. If you have Animal Crossing and a Nintendo Online membership, you can visit Big Moon via dream address DA-0414-5851-1428.


Bomb On Station 7

Help Lee diffuse a bomb and save the day (or not). A really short, silly game (2016). Turn your sound on and play.


Machinima series created in Second Life (2009). Watch the whole thing at